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J Borst Design Custom Cigar Cutters

Exclusively made and designed by J Borst, these unique one off custom cutters are unlike any others out there. Made to last a lifetime with the best and rarest materials available.

They have an exceptionally clean cut due to the hollow ground and curved blade that can also be clicked open and used as a knife. Here you can see some examples of my custom made Cigar Cutters and get an idea of what they are all about.


Premium Stainless Damascus Blades

The stainless Damascus used is the best available.

Heat treated to a very high hardness to hold a razor edge for a long time. There are many patterns to choose from.

Mono steel blades are available as well to keep the price down.

Handcrafted Genuine Leather Sheaths

Each cutter has its own premium leather sheath with or without a belt clip. Hand stitched using German Rizer Tiger thread and copper or brass rivets.

Wooden presentation cases are also available for the premium cutters.

Cigar Cutters.png

Etched initials are optional

Personalize your cutter with you own initials.

Etched into the blade permanently.

The blades can also be removed for sharpening when the time comes.

Different rare woods and materials

The choice is endless for the outside of the cutter from rare burl woods, locally sourced wood, composites, carbon fiber etc.


Drop me a line to design your custom Cigar Cutter

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