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A Bit About My Work

I get asked all the time about price lists and catalogs. This is not what I do.

Each knife I make is completely unique and each part of that knife can vary in cost depending on the
materials used. Some of the materials like the stones used are very time-consuming to work with and can add many hours to a knife build.


The steel used in making a knife will have a big impact on the price, there are really good affordable options but if you are thinking of stainless Damascus, etc, these are expensive!

You will find the occasional knife for sale here on the website, but most of my time is spent with custom orders.

Please bear in mind that I am only one person with two hands. The knives take time, sometimes lots of time and materials take time to get, so please be patient if you want something made.

If you have something in mind or like one of my previous knives in the gallery let me know and I will be happy to make you something similar for a budget you can afford.

I try to cater to everyone from the home cook, professional chef, hunters, fishermen, to the high-end collector.

Other services include knife restoration and knife sharpening.

All custom orders require a 50 percent deposit on the agreed price and then you go next on the list.

When the knife is finished and ready to ship the remainder plus shipping costs must be paid.

Below is a rough price guide for a standard Chefs knife, this does not apply to all knives.

Inox Damascus, Dinosaur bone and Redwood Burl

Price Guide

Standard Carbon Chef Knife

Premium Chef Knife

Ultra premium and Collectors

This would be a knife with a very good quality 8 inch long blade, made from carbon steel or stainless steel with a high hardness and a basic stabilized wooden or composite handle.
They start at €250 to €350

These would be premium quality professional knives using excellent quality mono and layered Japanese steel etc. The handles would be made from premium wood and other materials.

They start at €400 and go up to €600

Knives like this are made from the best materials money can buy.

They will have incredible patterned blades made from Damascus steel and rare materials in the handles like 150 million year old Dinosaur bone or rare gemstones.
They start at €750 and go as high as the customer wants.

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